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Biography of Freedom Fighter Gopaldas Mavji Purecha

Biography of Freedom Fighter Gopaldas Mavji Purecha

Gopaldas Mavji Purecha
Personal details
Mandvi,Cutch State ,
British India (now KutchGujarat)
Kutchi Bhatia,Indian.
Political party
National Congress Party.
Family Businessman,Activist, Pioneering the Non-Cooperation Movement and Quit India Moment,Revolutionist.
Gopaldas Mavji Purecha  (1914–1982) (also known as Manvendranath Azad) Kaku Bhai Bhatia ,was an Indian Kutchi Bhatia revolutionary Activist who was influential in the Indian independence movement, and a politician.

Gopaldas Mavji Purecha was born in Dhan Teras Day 16th October 1914 in a Rich Family at Mandvi Cutch State,British India (now Kutch,Gujarat), He studied at in Kutch Mandvi.G.T.High school up to S.S.C. “He was only 20 when he came to Mumbai. In 1932, Gandhi had organised a rally which he attended. After listening to Gandhi’s ideologies, my father was left impressed and decided to join the struggle to secure the country’s freedom.”in 1942 At the age of 26, he took part in Quit India Movement. with Dr.Amul Desai (Nephew of Ex.Prime Minister Late Morarji Desai) from Pune "Nivritee Banglow" (Family Resident) they planted bomb in Military Camp Pune, After the plan was executed, they were hiding from the British policemen.
However, they managed to capture them in 1942. by Loacal Loundry Man and arrested  by British Police and were convicted by court.he was in the first batch of Yarwada Jail Pune to be sentenced. He was later sent to Yerwada Jail of Pune where he accompanied Gandhi.Manvendranath Azad Name Given by Mahatma Gandhi at 1942 in Yarwada Jail Pune.” After he took active part in Quit India Movement, he avoided arrest and since then worked underground. Was responsible for various activities, which sustained and maintained Quit India Movement for years together i.e. in the year 1942-43. He was in the prison for nearly 14 months along with Morarji Desai, Amol Desai, Dinkar Sakharikar, Mr.Waradkar, Dattarey Mahadev Angare,Gulab Gawand,Tabji Bhai Solanki and Dada Dharmadhikari. After his release, he returned to Mumbai.”

His contribution to the National Movement now gets recognition from the Government of Maharashtra, when Government included his name in a prestigious list of Freedom Fighters, Tamra Patra And Silver Medal also given by Ex prime Minister Mrs.Indira Gandhi in 1972 at Sannmukhananda Hall Mumbai,Without any request or application, and has also granted Pension to him. But he refused to take pension from the government’

After he join his father`s firm M/s.Laxmidas Gopaldas & sons..State Maharashtra,Region Vidarbha District Yawatmal Dist.Dharwa-.his mother in Kutch with his youngest brothers Mulraj and Babu @ Laxmidas. Later, he joined firm Oriental Mills Bombay.T hen after sum Month He started a partnership firm of Destember coulors in Thane- Mumbai. Only three years later with havy loss in Bussines he Joined Mafatlal Mills and married Gunvanti, daughter of Bhatia Leeladhar Baba seth Anand.(Dharan Gaon). He then became the manager of Mafatlal Mill-Mumbai. His reputation grew and he was regarded as an able manager and also a good Coardinater of the Sadguru Seva Sangh.a Relief Missionery. He was totally in-charge of Shri Sadguru Seva Sangh Trust From 1968 to 1978, is primarily a Social Service organization, established in 1968 by Param Pujya Gurudev, Late Shri Ranchhoddasji Maharaj, with the sole objective of selfless service to mankind...

After the freedom struggle, Gopaldas Purecha continued to do social work and served the citizens.

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